• What do I eat on a daily basis? (Vlog)


    Last week I posted my first video blog and asked for YOUR questions for me to talk about. The question I chose for today’s post was from Briana Kiefer, where she suggested, “How about one vlog about how you eat in a day?”

    Excellent! I love talking about food (although now I’m feeling kinda hungry… going to sip my orange-colored-juice [with no oranges in it]). 

    I hope you enjoy today’s vlog and glean some new ideas for daily eats! Also, please enjoy this week’s video-bombing star: my cat Nina. (If you remember in last week’s post, my husband and my dog both video-bombed while I was recording [at 6:33]. LOL!)

    What do YOU eat on a daily basis to feed your healthy happy life?

    As with last week, I would love your questions for future topics! What should I talk about next week? Ask below, and I may choose your question for the next topic! 

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  1. Great video! I agree about the lack of planning. Everyday is so different 🙂 personally I’ve been eating lots of fruits for snacks along with carrots and celery bc they have a higher water content lol this Florida heat means I need all the hydration I can get,especially growing a human being haha I can’t wait to see more videos 🙂 maybe a yoga video soon!

  2. Edda says:

    Thanks for the video…..thanks for sharing! By the way…I love your Hair 🙂

  3. Pete Bruce says:

    6′ male, 253 pds., 49 y.o. need to lose 60 pds,. what are your top 10 tips? i eat 75% healthy foods, need to eat less, and exercise more, & get more motivated to do what i know i need to do.

  4. Tracy says:

    which vietnamese restaurant do you go to? I’ve seen a couple in the area, but a little apprehensive…

    • Hey Tracy – My husband and I love Lam’s Vietnamese (on Rice St.). I’ve also been to Pho Qyhn (sp??) on 12th and enjoyed their food as well! Atmosphere is lacking in both restaurants, but to-go food works just great for me. 🙂

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