• Easy Orzo Salad

     I love orzo. I love it’s strange texture – a cross between pasta and rice – and that it’s such a quick, easy dish to cook up.

    At Pomegranate Market, there is an orzo salad that I’ve tried and enjoy, but there are a few downsides to it: 1) it is loaded with black olives, and I’m just not a fan; 2) it uses white orzo (refined grain). So last night for a quick dinner, I wanted to experiment with a dish that could be eaten warm from the pan, or cold as a summer salad. You can experiment with this idea and use any vegetables you have on hand or enjoy. You can also skip the water sauté and simply add all the veggies raw for more crunch (massage the kale first and let it soften with a little oil), or cook all the veggies instead. I am sure halved cherry tomatoes would be lovely in this salad, too. Make it more substantial by adding a cup or two of beans (white beans, yum!) or by crumbling in fried tempeh.

    I’m a big fan of flexible cooking. Have fun with your meals, mix it up, and enjoy!

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  1. Lyne says:

    This looks really yummy Whit. Wheat pasta is still difficult to find in many shapes here, but I’ll definitely be playing with the idea.

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