Does Coaching Work?

 I am sure you’re wondering if coaching will actually WORK for you. You may have tried EVERYTHING to lose weight in the past, but still struggle today. I’m here to share with you that coaching works… if you put in the work! As a coach, I have seen time and time again women succeeding at reaching their weight-loss goals, increasing their energy, changing their mindsets and deeply rooted negative self-talk, opening up to new experiences, and feeling happier and more positive overall! When the desire for change outweighs the desire to stay in your current state, you will see change happen. You must be ready for change, or you’ll find yourself fighting me (and this whole process) along the way. Because it will stretch you and push you into new, uncomfortable places for a while.

Changing your habits is tricky. I can’t put in the work for you. I cannot pry the food from your hands at 11:30 pm when you’re getting a sugar craving; I cannot roll you out of bed in the morning to go for a run or try a new workout class. But I can support you, inspire you, keep you accountable, and offer the tools and guidance you need to succeed along your path toward health and happiness. And I promise, the changes you will make while working with me are worth every single penny and moment invested in a better you.

Here are just a few testimonials from previous clients to share how working with me as their coach changed their lives — for good! 


Check out this video testimony of client Lora M., who has been working with me for the past several months.


Since I started working with Whitney, there have been many changes in my life.  I am able to be more consistent with cooking healthy meals at home and also taking advantage of any exercise I find.   I am more focused on making healthy choices not only in my food and exercises, but also in challenging myself at work and in creating an environment and lifestyle that I will be happy with for years to come.  Whitney tailored her coaching to my life and my goals. She taught me many skills so that I can guide myself in my journey to being fit, happy, and healthy!

– Beth H., Sioux Falls, SD


…Working with Whitney has helped me put some focus on myself and my own life – and honestly, I don’t think I’ve EVER worked so much on myself! My whole life has been about other people and what THEY want and how I can make THEM happy. I’m realizing now that this is something I should have done a long time ago, so I thank God he led me to Whitney and her program! When I started, I wanted to lose 20 pounds and look “better.” That’s still important to me, but working on the non-physical aspects of my life are far more important now (ie relationships, career, happiness, peace).

– Jessica, Sioux Falls, SD


Still not sure about health coaching? Check out this news report about health coaching: She Lives Fit was featured on Keloland in 2012.


Words can not begin to describe what Whitney has done for my life.  When I started working with Whitney, I was focused solely on losing weight.  Little did I realize that 6 months later, not only would my life and attitude have changed drastically, but I would be a different person as a whole!    In the beginning, like many others, I felt trapped as a mom, as a wife, always putting others in front of myself and never making time for me.  Day in and day out, I felt like I was on auto-replay.  Slowly but surely, with the help and support from Whitney, I realized that I am my own person, and that in order to be the best mom, wife and friend I could be, I needed to take care of myself.  I was worth it!

Things do not change overnight, and change has to keep happening in order to prevent stagnancy.  Throughout my 6 months working with Whitney, she kept encouraging me to try new things, dare to explore different activities and opened my eyes to the things in life that I have been missing.  Whether it was to prepare a new food, try a new activity or take a deep, insightful look into my life, Whitney was always there encouraging me to grasp life by the reigns and LIVE!

So what changes do I see in myself after my 6 months with Whitney?  I see a stronger, happier and more peaceful me.  I see a woman who is not scared to branch out and try a new physical activity (I now love yoga!), who makes it a challenge to grab a new fruit or vegetable at the supermarket each week, a woman who is not scared of failure, but rather looks forward to the next adventure.  It is not just changes I see in myself that I am so grateful for, but changes in my entire family!  My husband is excited to explore new foods with me, and my children have even wanted to walk on the treadmill as exercise “because it is the healthy way to live”.

Whitney dared me to look within and discover who ‘Kim’ really was.  She challenged me to discover buried dreams, set and achieve goals, and embrace myself for who I am and who I want to be.  Whitney gave me my life back, and I will be forever grateful to her for that!

– Kim, Sioux Falls, SD

*Update from Kim:  She has continued to practice the lifestyle changes we worked through in coaching since completing my six month program, and has since lost 37 pounds! She recently ran her first 5K race, and looks fantastic! Truly a whole new person.


I have tried every diet out there. Most of been successful in helping me lose weight – none have helped me keep it off.  At some point in time, I realized that I didn’t need more diet advice – I know what foods are good for me to eat. What I needed was someone to walk with me through the muck that was my relationship with food.

I was beyond fortunate to find Whitney. Over the past few months, she has held my hand as well as provided an honest kick in the pants (a reality check when I needed it most). With Whitney’s help, I began to become aware of my deep, emotional connection to food. It was only through that awareness that I was able to start making changes. For the first time in my life, I began to take control of my health. I was able to put myself first in a way that resulted in positive changes for my whole family. I finally let go of the “should” and “have to” and started living my life as a “want to.” With her guidance, I created a plan for my life. A plan that I can easily embrace and enjoy. A plan that I WANTED to follow for the long haul.

Looking back, I would have never guessed how much of an impact health coaching would have on my life. I am no longer prisoner to the latest fad diet; I am aware of the choices that I make and truly desire to live a healthier lifestyle. I would have never made that progress without Whitney.

– Julie H., Sioux Falls, SD


I have been a student of Whitney’s for six months. She has been very good at encouraging me to stretch out of my comfort zone by trying new activities and new foods.

There have been several lifestyle changes over the last six months that have been so subtle, I didn’t realize I had made these changes until I started reflecting. I find I am much more diligent reading the labels. Just because something is labeled low fat or light doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good for you. We are trying to eliminate high fructose corn syrup from our lives and are choosing items that do not have this. We are choosing more natural or organic products. We have found that you really can’t taste a difference and it is so much better for you. I have never liked oatmeal, but with her encouragement, I am now eating oatmeal several times a month and find that I actually enjoy it. She also challenged me to try new vegetables. A couple of the new veggies that I have introduced to my husband are brussels sprouts and collard greens. We have decided these are two veggies that we will continue to incorporate into our meals.

I would encourage anyone who has thought about making changes in their life to consider visiting with Whitney. She is a great coach and inspiration.

– Dawn R., Sioux Falls, SD


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Congratulatons on your Health Coaching business. I have followed you since I discovered your blog on Spark People and you are very inspiring!

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