• Creating Your Life

    This morning over breakfast with my best friend, we had a discussion about passions and living with purpose. We were talking about how sometimes our “passions” may be fleeting and lead us in a wayward direction, but there seems to be a deeper inner drive that we each feel meant to pursue and fulfill in our lives.

    We both agreed that we are meant to create.

    Outside of just “passions” – or really, overzealous hobbies – we both feel the deep longing and need to create and make. For me, in my exploration of careers and direction, I originally thought this need could be met by a career in graphic design (similarly, my best friend is also a graphic designer). I have always appreciated art, and been a hobby artist myself. I love to draw, to layout materials, to design greeting cards with the perfect combinations of texture and color and shape…so why not do it for a living? I quickly found myself gasping for air (and inspiration) in the design/marketing/advertising world, and my inner spirit felt dead doing mundane projects for the same companies over and over again. There was no creation. Nothing sung to me or through me. I felt trapped and lifeless, doing what I had thought was “my passion.”

    FARGO_theatre.jpgOver the past few years, my passions have taken me in a few different directions to ultimately land me where I am now, feeling more at peace and fulfilled doing work that I love each day. I started out of college as a newspaper editor, transitioned to a graphic designer at an ad-agency, then to a graphic artist at a printing company. Along the way, I started teaching voice lessons to fill my spirit and joy of music in my life, and also picked up a part-time position as the music and arts coordinator at my church. These side-jobs filled my drive to createmore than any of the work I was doing in my main jobs, which occupied my mind and time for the majority of my week.

    I knew it was time to switch directions…but what direction would allow me to create and really be inspired and joyful about what I’m doing (without any alternative motive to manipulate or sell to consumers for money’s sake)?

    Listening to this inner need to create and following the lead of my natural gifts and talents, I have found myself in a place of true soulful inspiration and joy. I realized that outside a natural “eye” for design and visual art, my gifts are more strongly suited to working with people and creating relationships among those who are hungry for more joy in their lives. Though I don’t create advertisements or company logos like I used to, I am satisfying my need to create by fostering more meaningful creations in my life.

    create inspiration. I create relationships. I create goals. I help others to create happier, healthier lives for themselves and those they influence. 

    And that, my friends, is the best kind of creation to me. The kind the inspires you to create a life you love.

    What is your innate need and longing? Are you satisfying it by what you’re doing today? If not, how can you explore what other ways in life you can fulfill your calling?

    We are Creations and Creators in this life. Today I encourage you to take one tiny step toward creating a life you love. You are a product of where you devote most of your energy. Are you channeling it in a direction that creates the kind of opportunity and passion you long for?

    Create a life you loveIt is in your power. Do you believe me?

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