• How to Break a Coffee Addiction (Vlog)


    If you’re like most other Americans, you may enjoy a certain beverage every morning as a daily “pick-me-up.” The ol’ cuppa Joe. 

    I’m not exempt from the majority on this one. I LOVE my coffee, and enjoy it in many ways: just black, espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte, sweetened, unsweetened, creamer, spices, and even iced.

    Yes, I enjoy coffee.

    But I don’t enjoy it every single day. And I’m not addicted anymore!

    At the early part of last year, I used to think I wasn’t addicted but just LIKED my coffee and could quit anytime. After going cold-turkey for a bit, subbing green tea even, I had the most brain-splitting headaches and was super tired and crabby. Ha! NOT addicted? I was totally kidding myself there.

    Since breaking the addiction, I still enjoy my coffee a few times per week, but don’t feel horrible without it. (I do feel like I can FLYYYYYY when I drink it, though! LOL.) Over the past year, I have found several things helpful in replacing this addiction with healthier and happier habits. 

    I hope you find this video helpful if you’re a coffee addict! 

    Here is a link to the brewed cocoa I mentioned: http://www.criobru.com

    What topic should I talk about next week? Share your thoughts and questions below, and I may choose your topic to discuss in the future!


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  1. Lyne B. says:

    I drink iced black decaf coffee so it the flavor I like…not the caffeine, but I could definately use suggestion on diet soda! I can not live without my diet soda

  2. Jackie says:

    Hey Whit! Great vlog. I’m currently working through my relationship with coffee. I’d love to hear you discuss how you and your husband create balance in a home where you both have different eating preferences. My partner and I have different perspectives when it comes to a vegan kitchen.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Thanks for the tips. .. I’m going to give Criobru a try!

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